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Alkaline Water
Benefits From Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water:

Any water with a pH > 7.0. Alkaline water occurs in nature, however, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find natural sources of alkaline water. Read More

Facts About Bottled Water

Bottled Water: 40% of bottled water is nothing more than filtered municipal water. 22% of bottled water brands tested in one study contained contaminants above state health limits. Read More

Facts About pH (Power of Hydrogen) & ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

About pH and ORP: pH stands for "power of hydrogen." +ORP = Oxidation = Free Radicals = Cellular Decay; -ORP = Antioxidant = Eliminates Free Radicals = Cellular Protection Read More

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Benefits:

Improves nutrient absorption, hydration, pH balance, detoxification, antioxidants, and increased energy. Why would you drink anything else? Read More

Health Risks
Facts About Risks From Drinking Your Water

What's in Your Water? Water reports are often confusing and do not even consider over 6,000 toxins that are not currently monitored by any government or municipality. Read More

Facts & Risks of Groundwater Pollution

Groundwater Pollution: In our quest to produce cheaper food (fertilizers) and fuel (fracking), we are polluting our water with nitrates, phosphates, sulfates, and petrochemicals. Read More

Facts & Risks of Radiation In Your Water Supply

Water & Radiation: Between government negligence, corporate irresponsibility, and natural disasters (fukushima), we are seeing unsafe levels of radiation in our drinking water. Read More

Facts & Risks of BPA Declared Hazardous & Toxic

BPA Declared Toxic: Tests show that BPA can cause reproductive abnormalities, impairing brain development, and may contribute to risks for cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Read More


Alkaline Water Health Facts
Facts About What Causes Poor Health?

What Causes Poor Health? An acid body is an unhealthy body. The greatest impact on personal health comes from what we eat and drink. Don't fall victim to your addictions! Read More

Facts About The Importance of Hydration To Human Life

Hydration: Water is essential to regulate body temperature, cushion and protect vital organs, aid in digestion, transport nutrients, deliver oxygen, and remove toxins from your body. Read More

Facts About The Harmful Affects of Acidity in Your Body

Acidity in the Body: Acid buildup can eventually cause your body to go into acid shock, requiring the body to divert energy in an attempt to process the acid waste. Read More

Facts About pH – The Delicate Balance

pH - A Delicate Balance: From microbes to fish to humans, all life requires a balanced pH. pH affects energy, oxygen, and tissue health. Most life can not survive in an acid environment. Read More

Alkaline Water Health Benefits
Facts About Antioxidants & Anti-Aging

Antioxidants & Anti-Aging: Free radicals are a constant threat by creating cellular instability and decay. Antioxidants purge free radicals and protect your cells from aging and disease. Read More

Facts About Natural Weight Loss With Alkaline Water

Natural Weight Loss: Much of the obesity epidemic can be linked to an acid diet. The body surrounds the acid with fat to protect vital organs. Neutralizing acid results in natural weight loss. Read More

Facts About How Alkaline & Acid Water Affect Your Health

Healthy Heart: A glass of water before bedtime could prevent a heart attack! When the body becomes dehydrated, blood viscosity increases, which makes the heart work harder. Read More

Facts About How Alkaline & Acid Water Affect Your Bones

Healthy Bones: Alkaline water is loaded with beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that promote healthy bones. Neutralizing acid is also known to prevent bone loss. Read More

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