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Costs for Optimal Health

The available options to meet your health care needs can often be counted on one hand, however, the costs are not always measured in dollars and cents. Here are some common considerations when planning your health care.

  • Medical Practices & Prescriptions
  • Health Insurance
  • Alternative Practices that focus on preventative health (out-of-pocket)
  • Personal Sacrifice (going without)
  • Lifestyle Changes (eating & drinking more healthy = more antioxidants and more alkaline)

Everyone knows the costs for adequate health care have risen gradually from year to year, however, some may not be aware these costs are headed much higher in the near future. Between inflation, regulation, and a longer lifespan, health expenditures per person in the U.S. are expected to increase by nearly 30% in the next 5 years.

Health Cost

How Big has Health Care Become?

From any perspective, it becomes obvious that the costs for health care are rapidly exceeding our ability to pay for either the insurance or the services. With annual health costs per person ballooning out of control, its no wonder the health care industry has become one of the largest industries and employers in the U.S. The below figures from health cost in 2009 indicate just how large the U.S. health care industry has become.

Total U.S. Health Care Costs = $8,160/person x 305 million people = $2.5 Trillion/year

How Can We Pay For Health Care?

Unfortunately, wages and earnings for the average U.S. household are not keeping up with the increasing costs of health care. The below graph illustrates health costs are increasing at a rate that is exceeding our ability to pay for health insurance and medical expenses.

What are Your Options?

Due to the ever increasing costs for standard medical procedures and prescriptions in the U.S., more and more people are being forced to consider drastic alternatives for their health care needs. In some cases, this means not going to the doctor, skipping routine checkups, ignoring symptoms, avoiding costly tests, and even not taking prescribed medications.

How Can You Reduce Your Health Costs?

Most people are well aware that in order to reduce health costs, we must become more healthy. The real question then becomes "How Do You Become More Healthy".

There are no shortage of alternative health products and practitioners who are eager to tell you how to become more healthy naturally or that their product will solve all your health issues. The reality is that most products and practitioners only focus on specific areas of a persons overall health. In truth, the best way to become more healthy is to understand the single underlying issue that relates to the health of your body and all life on our planet. This is the importance that pH plays in any organic ecosystem.

Maybe one of the most important facts that someone can learn about the human body and personal health is that "from microbes to fish to humans, all life requires a balanced pH. pH affects energy, oxygen, and tissue health. Most life can not survive in an acid environment." Without this knowledge, we will never address the real issue behind disease and the meaning of optimal health.

The pH of your body is most directly influenced by what you eat and drink. Due to an often fast paced lifestyle, most diets are based around cooked and processed foods, as well as bottled and prepacked beverages. Unfortunately, the majority of such foods and beverages are acid-based or convert into acid as soon as they are ingested.

Although the consumption of a highly acidic diet is often more convenient, it causes the metabolic processes in the body to exert a tremendous amount of energy just to maintain the blood pH of 7.35-7.45. Consuming a diet that is higher alkaline helps to neutralize the build up of acid in your body and frees some of the energy of your body for other functions such as your immune system, cell regeneration, and optimal functioning of your organs.

Optimal Health = Eating and Drinking More Healthy?

Changing your eating habits is the only guaranteed method for maintaining optimal health while reduce or eliminate your dependence on prescriptions and a medical industry that can barely keep us alive.

Information about the health affects of pH and acid in your body are all around us, yet the medical industry has little incentive or motivation to tell you "that eating and drinking more health is all you need to become more healthy". Does this fact surprise anyone? We have long known that we are the product of our choices and become what we eat and drink.

What does it take to wake someone up to these very basic health facts?

To be honest, it's simple education. Virtually anyone can understand the basics of how pH affects your health, how diet affects your pH, or how an acid diet is unhealthy. All you have to do in order to achieve optimal health is make a choice to educate yourself and adjust your diet to the level of health that you want to achieve.

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