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Prevent Bone Loss

4 ways alkaline water helps you maintain healthy bones

Healthy Bones

Bone loss strikes millions of Americans annually. It is blamed for causing as many deaths every year as heart disease! Worse yet, the drugs which are prescribed to treat it – called biphosphonates – may actually make the problem worse!

There are several studies which show that drinking alkaline water may represent a risk-free way to maintain healthy bones.


How Alkaline Water helps maintain healthy bones?

Medical experts point to four benefits that alkaline water can provide for bone health:

  • Alkaline water is loaded with beneficial minerals that you need every day for healthy bones like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Drinking water with an alkaline pH may help prevent excess acidity from developing in the body’s tissues. Research has shown that excess acidity increases bone loss
  • Drinking alkaline water has been shown to reduce the amount of calcium discharged in the urine


How to get the Best Alkaline Water for Bone Health?

Using a water ionizer allows you to create alkaline water with these advantages for your bone health:

  • Makes your water safe – Toxins in water like chlorine can sabotage your health
  • Great source of minerals – Studies show that minerals in alkaline water are 30% easier to absorb
  • pH balanced – Protects your bones and joints from the damaging effects of acidity
  • Powerful antioxidant – Antioxidant water protects your DNA


Compare Alkaline Water to Prescription Drugs

Alkaline water is a risk free way to achieve better health. With prescription drugs, you have to worry about the side effects, alkaline water has none.

Even the Mayo Clinic agrees; alkaline water has a positive link to bone health

In the US, prescription drugs like Boniva are the way people try to maintain their bone health. In Japan, alkaline water is used. America has one of the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world; Japan has one of the lowest. Which method do you think you should trust your bone health with?

How does the price of drinking alkaline water compare to the cost of taking prescription drugs? Very favorably. With alkaline water you buy the machine and it’s yours for keeps. With prescription drugs, you have to keep paying for refills…  for the rest of your life!

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