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About Us

About Us

MISSION: To provide access to articles, videos and products that can help people achieve greater levels of personal health just by changing what they eat and drink. To help people realize the importance of an alkaline diet and lifestyle for achieving optimal health.

VISION: To help people learn how to eat and drink a diet higher in alkaline content such as natural, living and raw foods. To provide resources that explain and educate on how to slow aging, reverse degenerative disease and increase overall vitality.

Alkaline For Optimal Health, LLC (dba Alkaline Water Depot) and this website have been inspired by the personal health experiences of its founder, Mr. Ivan Stein.

Alkaline for Optimal Health President - Ivan Stein

Ivan W. Stein

Mr. Stein began his journey to better health in the early 1990's by first converting to a vegetarian diet. Although helpful in increasing both energy and concentration, he was constantly troubled with digestive related issues. Over the next several years, he met with numerous medical and alternative practitioners in hopes of solving his digestive discomfort once and for all. None of these practitioners came to a successful diagnosis or treatment for these digestive issues. In 2009, Mr. Stein was introduced to the "raw vegan diet" which he decided to try. He immediately noticed yet another shift in vitality and concentration with the unexpected benefit of total relief from his digestive issues. In 2010, he added ionized alkaline water to his diet and noticed immediate changes to his skin, joints, and overall body hydration.

Mr.Stein began sharing his knowledge and experiences on the topics of "Optimal Health" and the "Alkaline Lifestyle". With his combined knowledge and research, he began speaking about this topic only to realize that it takes a considerable amount of information and time before someone truly understands that optimal health is achievable for anyone simply by changing what they eat and drink.

His efforts to help and educate others led to the creation of fliers, banners, and displays for attending Farmer's Markets in their local area where he experienced unexpected success in helping people become introduced, inspired, and motivated to adopt a more Alkaline Lifestyle. These experiences further inspired Mr. Stein to creating a website as the next logical step. The intent of this website is be a comprehensive source for all questions related to health related to body chemistry and diet.

He spent months researching and combining information, articles, and videos to create the Fresh Water Depot website. He found a vast amount of information across the internet, however, the information was difficult to find and was often provided in a way that left people with even more questions. This website is the result of his dedication to create an Alkaline Knowledge-base and portal that combines the largest database of information on the topics of water, the health benefits or an alkaline lifestyle, and the risks of doing nothing.

This website is extremely comprehensive and we urge users to go through the site patiently until you have gained enough information to make informed decisions about your personal diet and health. The only thing we can guarantee is that this website combines more information and resources than any other website we have seen.

We sincerely hope that you find what you are seeking about an alkaline lifestyle, optimal health, and what you can do to improve the quality of your life and that of your family


Ivan W. Stein, President
Alkaline For Optimal Health, LLC
(941) 677-3312