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AMC Alkaline Drops

AMC Alkaline Drops
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AMC Alkaline Drops


AMC Alkaline drops are an alkaline concentrate. 4 to 6 drops per 8 oz of drinking water loads ordinary drinking water with powerful OH- alkaline ions.

They're unique in maintaining a strong alkaline pH in water long after other brands fade.

AMC Alkaline Drops are ideal for traveling and dining out, or for those unable as yet to afford a water ionizer.

One bottle of AMC Alkaline Drops contains about 4 oz and will last one person about 3 months, making this product very affordable.

AMC drops replace our former product, "AlkaLife" alkaline drops.

Product Benefits

The foods we eat give us energy by oxidizing (being burned up to release nutrients). These wastes are predominantly acidic.

Unfortunately, our body cannot always rid itself of all the waste it produces, When it accumulates in the body, this acid waste becomes a mild toxin.

This accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes is what causes aging. Some examples of solidified acidic wastes are cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid kidney stone, urates, sulfates, and phosphates.

A simple, effective and readily available way to help neutralize and get these wastes out of your body is by drinking alkaline water.

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