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Venus 5-plate Water Ionizer

Venus 5-plate Water Ionizer
Product Code: 1070003
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Melody or Venus - Filter Package Upgrades:

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VENUS Alkaline Water Ionizer


The Venus is another great value for ionizers. It is a value priced model, yet offers the basic features needed in a water ionizer. It’s a great way to drink ionized water from the top manufacturer – without breaking the bank! 

Electrolysis Chamber (Water Cell)
While new to the lineup, the Venus is already a proven performer. The Venus utilizes a proven water cell that has been employed by Emco Tech for over 5 years offering solid performance and time-tested reliability.

User Controls
The Venus controls have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. A gentle touch on the buttons is all that is needed to change any setting. The new control panel is membrane sealed making it easy to clean.

Automatic Self Cleaning
The Venus self cleans automatically. Once 20 liters of alkaline water are produced, the next time Venus you use your Venus it will start in cleaning mode. The cleaning mode will last for 10 seconds – during which you must wait for your alkaline water. This ensures regular cleaning of the electrodes to reduce mineral scale. 

Flow Control Knob
This useful feature enables you to fine tune the performance by controlling the flow of water through your ionizer. It will also prove useful in helping you to achieve your preferred pH level so that you get the exact same pH level every time. 

The BioStone Filter
The Venus is a single filter ionizer. It comes standard with our outstanding .1m BioStone filter. This filter is very effective at helping to remove many water contaminants and will produce 1000 gallons of filtered water. 
You also have the option of upgrading the Venus with the same filtration options that are available in our other top models.

Full range of pH Settings
The Venus has a full range of pH settings for Alkaline Acidic and of course filtered (cleans the water with no ionization). The Venus also has a special feature that allows you to select more or less voltage if you have hard or soft water.

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